Finding the Right Saltwater Fishing Flies for Any Fish and Any Place

Saltwater fishing flies have come a long way. Nowadays there are plenty of tools for do it yourself fly tiers and hundreds of supply outlets. Then again, today you can buy ready made flies from just about anywhere in the world, with just a few the clicks of the mouse. This article explores some of the best flies, for any fishing condition or location, hand tied by the masters.

Flies sure have come a long way. Today there are dozens of specialized vices and tools as well as hundreds of supply outlets. And of course you can buy ready made fresh or saltwater fishing flies from anywhere in the world, with the click of a button. But one thing remains the same; the best flies are hand tied by people who tie from experience. And that’s what this article is about. We’re going to take a look at some of the best flies, for any fishing conditions and locals, hand tied by the true masters.

Let’s do this by region. If you are planning a fishing getaway this will give you time to get the best flies you need for where you want to go. And of course, it never hurts to try a new fly at you favorite local spot. You never know…

Starting in the northeast I bring your attention to Joe “Flycatcher” O’Clair. If his name sounds familiar, you probably saw it mentioned by fly tying legend and editor of Fly Tier Magazine, David Klausmeyer. David featured Joe as one of the “top 13 US fly tiers” in his fly tying hardcover classic; “Striped Bass Flies: Patterns of the Pros.”

A saltwater fly tying innovator, Joe has designed some great flies for fishing conditions common to many coastal anglers. Located on Cape Cod, he caters to the need for distance casting by beach bound anglers and saltwater flies that are visible, but natural looking, in the cloudy Atlantic waters of New England. Joe’s “Cone Head Deceivers” make the distance and sink rapidly. They do the trick nicely, working especially well on Striped Bass and Bluefish.

If you’re looking for saltwater flies that work like magic from the coast of Nova Scotia down to the outer banks of Carolina, should be your first stop.

Now we head down south to St. Petersburg, Florida and fly tying great Danny Sauvageau, of

We visit with Dan for one of his latest creations, “Dan’s Weedless Shrimp” This little beauty is virtually snag proof and great for Seatrout, Snook, Bonefish, and just about anything else that will eat shrimp.

Dan has been designing and selling his award winning flies for over a decade. Next time you find yourself in his neck of the woods, a visit to his online store is a must.

Now let’s head over to the Pacific Northwest and If you’re looking for great Salmon, Steelhead or Trout flies, look no further. The pros at Adipos got their experience fishing the best that British Columbia, Alaska, Washington, and Oregon have to offer.

These are rugged flies for hearty fish that are as at home in the Washington as they are west coastal Canada.

We conclude our pursuit of top saltwater flies in Southern California with a visit to Gary Bulla of Gary is one of the foremost experts in designing flies that work especially well for kayakers and surf casters going after Yellowfin Tuna and Roosterfish.

These are just a few of the great saltwater fly tiers out there. Most of them and countless others sell out of local bait and tackle shops as well so look around the next time you take a last minute fishing trip. There’s bound to be a local legend fly tier that has just the right fly for what you’re after.

Keep those lines tight!

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